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The path of understanding is that of non-understanding

The highest striving of a human being is to understand. To fathom the world and its causes, at least to be able to deal with it, to cope with it. This environment is usually relatively limited. This appears individually and is dependent on a lot of components and parameters. With the environment is meant not only the concrete material existence of man, but also all that is going on in his thinking. His dreams, his subconsciousness, his reflexive actions, his mistakes, and the things that result from all these connections. It is not possible for the affected person, caught in the same environment, to determine the immense complexity of these influences in himself, much less in other people, to whom he has always very limited access. That is to say, he does not see the forest in front of the trees. He understands parts of the whole thing, looks at the trees that are standing in front of him, maybe he finds a mushroom, or finds that the trees can be cut down or lit, but he always stays in the forest, which he always has Only limited. This is his view of the things that is based on the fact that the trees finally exist and, if one is not careful, one could also be killed by one. The trees are there, - the environment so, - it is not to be discussed. It is necessary to behave according to circumstances which the trees and the way through them, pretend, one has adapted, in order to simply survive. What the great religions are doing is to announce that at the end of the forest path there is a beautiful landscape, or at least somewhere a clearing. All that has just been said is tainted with dualism. It is a matter of a more or less materialistic attitude of man in his sense as to his environment. Here the great religions, in the manner of the prevailing, capital-maximizing system, have created a kind of guide, by means of which one can find quite well through the immense trees. From the forest, however, one comes to live with them only at the end of material, physical life. In contrast to this belief, which I tried to illustrate with the image of the trees, the true view of life has nothing at all to do. He hides behind gossip with a hand that leads the absurd dualistic world of the West. We are immortal, the material envelopes are only tools for our concentrated energy, which it uses, in the infinity of the energies of ALL.
The world which can be lived is the infinity of the stars, the conceptuality, the compelling logic, which is all connected to one another, which gives a great whole which can not be described as a miraculous creation in great Peace and perfection. This great whole consists of all things, in the energy structure of the whole being assigned a place, whether stone, animal, man or plant, whether shooting stars or atomic nucleus. As can be proven scientifically in dualism, every thing actually has its own energy structure.



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