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There really is not a single question that can not be answered directly. Here you can find fundamental question formulations, but you can always ask your own question at any time.

When I understand this correctly, all experience is pure illusion. How can there be a sense of life?

Yes. Inevitably, what we perceive as man, as a body, is determined by what we call the past. Each individual image we recognize, is merely a fragment from the past, a puzzle that is arbitrarily similar to others, produced by egodence, the perception of the system, and is only very fragmented and incomplete. A universe of impermanence that constantly changes. Totally nonsensical and crazy. To recognize this, is a step along the way. But whoever, when he acknowledges this fact, he might think, he is going to lose all reference to this world of illusions, that he would be lost here. This is completely wrong. It's the contrary. In real knowledge, a perception from the superposition of the Creator, the illusions of seeing and hearing and thinking are included. To be able to recognize in fact is by no means a reversal necessary, a sacrifice, a failure. For the wonderful thing about the matter is, that knowledge does not negate the world in which we mean to live here. Knowledge, on the other hand, triggers it gently from its origin. It opens one of many doors to whom which are only willing to acknowledge a tiny little piece of the fact that absolute love can not bring about any suffering, who wants guilt, suffering and sin to pass away. The creation will never leave you, accompany you on the way. And this path leads, however long it may be, as long as you are bound to the system, as long as you continue blindly looking for gods in this, without regard for time, for time does not exist in the ultimate,
to the unlimited love of creation, of which you are part.

The Meaning and the Sexuality

Nearly every religion postulates the ultimate chastity as the way of the saints, the Buddha, the enlightened. That is not by accident. In a state that has the resolution of the ego, its transformation toward the point of view of truth as the ultimate goal, the physical plane is increasingly transcended. The pleasures, pleasures that sexuality offers to the seeker, are left behind, because the fulfillment that comes from the ultimate vision of things, makes them unnecessary. Someone who has gone the distance so far will have absolute control over the body he is using. Thus, some kind of sexuality, if he considers it necessary and desirable, will be neither a problem in time nor a problem in intensity for her or him.

How can there be no death?

God, the unspeakable, the Eternal, the Creator is love. The creation is absolute. That is, it actually includes EVERYTHING. Good and evil, beautiful and ugly. Guilt and sin, suffering, fear and death. They have no stock in love, are absorbed by it, dissolved. Love could could never harm its own creatures, God could never dissapoint the love he gave to his children, his sons and daughters. For this it simply is not capable. Therefore, there is no death, no suffering. These things are pure illusions that the ego maintains because it can only exist in a world of guilt and sin, suffering and death. But reality is love. We just have to remember, because it is part of the creation in each of us.

When creation is love, why are we not all happy and full of love?

Because you decide it. As a child of God, you have a free will. You have, so long ago, long ago, and for so short a time that it was less than an insignificant eye-lash in time, decided to see you separate from the creation. Out of this memory, in a long past moment, you are at a moment in a world of doubt, affliction, hopelessness, illness, and ultimate death. You see the world through the eyes of fear. Your division of the world into good and evil, which is the way the ego brings about, with individual fragments from your past that fit into the stuff, can be in the midst of all the other hierarchies, which are just as crazy and irrelevant , Only suffering. Just take a big step back in your mind. What you perceive is not reality. This is illusion. The truth, which is not perceived,but only can be recognized is the absolute, nothing-excluding love.

Why does God allow so much suffering?

You see what you want to see. Your complete presence in the world of suffering, fear, and aggression is only that you project what you feel of misunderstanding and despair in your mind. God, which can not be explained by words, is the inexpressible, is the love itself. Absolutely. That leads to the absurd fact of what you see ad absurdum. It is an illusion that exists out of what your ego, the ego system of this world, has instituted for you. The perception of your very personal truth. Absolute love knows no suffering, no death, no sickness. It involves, dissolves, leaves, makes to nothing that has always been nothing, is uncritical and pure. What you see of suffering and suffering in the world is the sight of fear. If you turn on the show of love, the suffering is dissolved. Your perception is changing.

Is there reincarnation?

If there is no death, there can be no reincarnation. The body has nothing to do with what constitutes man, it is only a transitory form. All form is undeniable illusion. What makes us so will not die, but it will continue to dream, if it is not yet awakened, to forgiveness and love. It will find another form, and will continue its journey until time plays no part in eternal love, it awakens to this reality of the eternal, understands what Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and all the other enlightened people actually said: The timeless Now eternity is absolute love, it is here, only we are too blind to see it.

Why does God make me suffer?

You let yourself suffer. Because you are God! Your suffering comes from the fear you feel in a world of crazy illusions. You can not understand the world as you would like it to be, because it is as flabby as madness is. You are looking for a stop, you might think of it in some idols of this world. But how is it possible to find security, stability in a life that is defined exclusively by death? It works with confidence, a confidence in the fact that God, or whatever one wants to call it, is love, his children can only receive love, the realization that the absolute love that is God, Even love, everything else must necessarily be an illusion. This also means, for example, that the death of a person who may seem so senseless, cruel, unfair to him is an act of love. Even if it is in no way understood at all. Who can doubt the Absolute? It includes death, negates it, dissolves it.

I would like to believe, but I do not know what. Everything seems so unreliable.

Look inside yourself. There you will find God, or the meaning, whatever. All that is necessary is trust. Admit that you do not understand. Trust in love, make it your God. You can not miss. Doors will open, to the light which will never close.



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