Concerning words

The box

The rider looked worn-out, his leather trousers torn, the upper shirt dirty brown, the cardigan stuffed. The long, white hair fell over his shoulders in greasy strands, the light gray beard shaggy. The horse, a stout-backed horse, who had long been standing on a sunny pasture with the bread of grace, emaciated to the ribs, the tail a fierce rag. The path ran uphill, the walls of the castle towering brightly before the two, in their obvious gloominess, which looked so similar.

The goal of a long, lifelong journey. A life full of privations, valleys, almost invincible rocky walls, abysses. He was once chosen to represent mankind in the search for meaning, the origin. His way led him to all heights, depths, all the wrong paths, errors, temptations, here. Popes, scientists, doctors advised him, he had collected all the knowledge of the world. What did he teach? The unrighteousness of the world, the catastrophes, death-the suffering was the cause! Everything turned around ... yeah! Pandora's Box. And here it hides, in this building, this castle, in that remote place, far from any civilization. The drawbridge creaked as if by magic. Horse and rider crossed it with the echoing sound of the hooves on the wooden planks. At the Finish! All the experiences which he had accumulated in his existence, which he had acquired, which had been imposed upon him, ultimately led him here. The sum of his wisdom, the concentrated library of human knowledge, which stood aside, led the rider to the Pandora's can.

He sat, leaving the trembling horse in the foggy courtyard. A steep staircase, made of coarse stone blocks, led to the mighty oak wood portal. He felt exhausted, but the knowledge of the existence of the can, which was open, that gave its ominous winds behind this wood, straightened his limbs again. The door opened after light pressure. A gigantic hall. In the middle of a table, the can with its back to him, he could see the top of the hinged lid, not the contents. Slowly he strode his hand on the sword over the marble floor to the table, which looked like an altar. He stepped up to the shrine, saw it from the front.

The box of Pandora empty. He realized. Always empty!

Reworked in the cover however: A mirror! A mirror! Horrified, he closed the can.

Humanity ceased to exist and the earth became a planet of joy.

Art is peace because it means freedom, freedom of thoughts

Or: peace is the goal of the seeking humanity. Art is limitless communication and communication the way to the goal, which is peace. To be expressed to the observer over all barriers, through all walls, solved by prejudices and influences, beyond the interests of power, of speaking. To solve him, perhaps, from its cramped thought structure imposed upon it, to give him real and actual possibility to free hisself from the influence of any direction, in the universe of universes. To realize it, to make it conceptual and comprehensible to him at all, that this own self exists in perfect freedom, formlessly formed, not made visible.


Art. Peace.

Indeed, all too often used words. But if we use this conceptuality as a podium, as a foundation, we are dazzled by colorful, deliciously fragrant flowers of hope, which can be negated by no human power, in a labyrinth of the megalomania of things.

See as it is. A sentence that negates itself and confirms itself at the same time.

How does everybody look at the world? Dualistic. He places himself in relation to nature. He relates the things of nature to one another. He distinguishes formalistically on a scale between good and evil, between plus and minus. On the basis of this structure, he finds units of action that act manipulatively on what is visible and intelligible to him. Thus he creates a subjective reality. In doing so, he merely changes a world view that is composed of other subjective realities. Thus, if he leaves enough time, as in the case of a Russian iconic figure, he attains the smallest effect. In evolution he has the explanation of the big bang. In what he describes as matter, he saves himself to the end in quantum theory. What he does not understand, he explains with the uncertainty. Thus he has entered into a plexus, which is quite concrete in the social system which he has constituted. This system now manifests itself through its peculiarity as a system manipulative. It manipulates the individual view, the world view of the individual, in a kind of fractal conformity. In this basic system, which is dualistic in its ground, man is now trying in his life to change minute units of influence, which, however, are only the opportunistic fictions of another effect.

It is now necessary to allow the thinking distance. To break away from dualism. To find out what is behind the system and the crap of manipulation through communication and advertising.

This decision to see the totality has far-reaching consequences. If we adopt the dualistic system, or at least understand its existence, we are in a position to understand the meaningfulness of being. The realization is that there is a singularity of things. We all belong to one. This realization can be achieved by turning the back of the things that are manipulative. This is so very difficult to do in the dual world. The insight into this singularity of the given gives the world, as we believe it and must know it, a step back and places a higher truth, which is as simple as the hand in sight, easy to recognize. The simplest example, which also illustrates the influence of the media is the following. Man, the citizen, stands in his life in front of a huge billboard. He is fascinated by the possibilities, which are very colorful and colorful. Some of it could already be realized in his existence, he will not find an end. People who realize that all tis is only a billboard which sinks them into consumption, will try to tear down these posters and pull them off. However, it is only the top layer that they remove.

The attempt to realize the course from dualism means seeing at least a little bit behind the billboard, ultimately going through it. Now, if all the people which are standing in front of this gigantic billboard would see an arrow on the ground at their feet, pointing to the direction behind the billboard, they will go there and experience peace. This arrow, this is the archaic approach of thought, is merely a chalk inscription on the streets of the world. No-war!

Give people the peace thoughts on the streets of the world!

The Superposition of love

Superposition, also superposition principle (from Latin super = over; positio = position, setting , Position) is understood in physics as a superposition of equal physical quantities, whereby they do not interfere with one another. This superposition principle is used for linear problems in many areas of physics and differs only in the nature of the superimposed quantities. Often, the phrase 'multiple sizes superpose one another' is used. Important fields of application of the superposition principle are electromagnetic waves in optics and in radio technology, forces in the classical mechanics and states in quantum mechanics.

Actually, the principle we use to arrive at the ultimate argument in the search for meaning becomes clear in this very simple definition based on the axioms of the system. But by far not enough. For the superposition of love is the superposition of creation, which is singular, but at the same time everything is included. An all-encompassing superposition. Why is it so difficult to recognize this physical construction-the superposition of equal magnitudes in the construction of a singularity, whereby the previously individual positions are combined into a whole, without any further separation being present, and then, use it for the sense of life, of meaning? This is due to the position of the superposition, which is outside our thinking, outside the illusions of the dualism with which we perceive the world.

How is this superposition to be achieved?

The way of understanding is that of non-understanding. It occurs only when the person who is searching for meaning has become clear about how crazy this world of suffering and grief and death is. When he has only caught a corner of what is behind, above, underneath. If he is only willing to accept that his complete thinking system, no one of his thoughts can help him, he will open the first door. And everything else happens by itself, without the help of the seeker. Other doors will open, of which he thought they were locked, of which he did not even know they exist. The only precondition is this tiny bit of insight that a world of love can not exhaust sin, guilt, and suffering. That it is not possible for God, for the Creation, the Source, to murder his children, do evil to them. He, the Eternal, is not even able to see these things. For they are illusions, which are simply dissolved in the sight of love. All these illusions come from fear. In absolute love there can be no fear. There is absolute confidence in reality. Love. And if we live love, if we only show a little effort to accept it as the meaning of life. Creation, which is love, will gratefully acknowledge this. And the farther we go, in this direction, the more and more will we rise to what this really means. We will see the flowering groves on our way, on a path covered with soft fuzz, trusting in the love that takes us, guides us. We are shown again and again the most wonderful and newthings.

Superposition is a paradox in the technical sense. For here, the position of the thinker is simultaneously outside his dualistic thinking and within the thinking that transcends it as a superposition. However, one of the most important facts is, the creation, love, would never make a secret out of itself. It is so simple, that it can be understood by everyone. For this, neither quantum mechanics nor any knowledge is necessary. Only the courage to confess to ignorance, to the fact that the past is past, the future can not be determined, that what we perceive must necessarily be illusion. The confidence in this all-embracing love is necessary.

About motivators and life coaches

Death does not exist! Confusing. Who does not shake his head, wonders however this statem,ent could be usefull to him now? When yoz hear: There is no death! This is a statement that makes you doubt the mind of the person who dared to pronounce it. This sentence shakes the self-evident nature of man, ut is so easily led to absurdity. Just look at Syria! Look at my dead father! My dead wife! Look at the soldiers in the Second World War! Death does not exist? What? Nonsense!
The transcendent statements which one expects from the particularly sacred men of the great religions, are in any case withdrawn, and thus uninteresting for real life. In this theoretically regarded statement, ultimately the salvific promise of these philosophical currents lies. Last but not least, this is made very dramatic in the Christian crucifixion scene. For shure Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha were enlightened, they have tried to make the so simple truth conceptual. to mankind. But they also failed because of the fact that an attempt to explain this final solution, which actually dissolves everything else, is more or less meaningless. The moon can only be interpreted with the pointing finger. The truth can can not be perceived. Thus, the ancient scriptures, the Bible, the Koran, the writings of Buddha, or those of Hinduism all have one thing in common: they try to transport the enlightenment that their founders once experienced. They wanted to pass this knowledge. The dualism - the division into two sides, in good and evil, in beauty and ugliness, in war and peace, in life and death, - did pack the bit that remained of the idea, in words, so it packed it in fog. But there is a logical, rational way to open one's eyes, to awaken from a sleep, - not to look at things differently, that would be pointless, because a form can always change, but rather to fathom its source.

A tiny little thing, a touch of what is addressed here, also the countless live coaches, motivational trainer, life counselors, in part even the clergy of the various churches conceived, discoverd. But this path, which can be proved, up to a certain extent also scientifically, at least at the beginning, was not further thought. Abused. And indeed, how could it be otherwise, in the sense of consumption. Untold books try to get close to the topic, hardly any one manages to convey more than a delicate touch of origin, but all of them are absolutely successful. But they all leap into the world of consumption with their statements. From a certain point on, they are overwhelmed by the ego-society and their thinking. They then lead the way in the completely wrong direction. It is interesting and quite obvious that the authors, at least in part, are acting in good faith. They are mostly found in the Eastern religious tradition, which is surprisingly close to the source idea. This may be due to another mentality of the population, or to the scientific and technical forward thinking of the West. In any case, rites and explanatory models, which are orientated towards the east, are absolutely in. Will mean money can be made with it.

Peace and art

Peace, and art, somehow it is surprising that there are two terms, that mean the same thing, but do not have a single letter in common. But this is probably only a very superficial way of looking at things. Art is the form of communication par excellence.

It comes without words, penetrates into the innermost essence of man, blows all the limits of thought, is free of ideology. Yes, art is, without if and but, free from ideology. Of course, the concept of "degenerate art" from the Third Reich will immediately come to mind. This proves the opposite, one would like to mean - and yet it is not so. For art is ideology in reincarnation and that is precisely why it raises this concept, makes it void.

Can Artistic Power be Used? Yes, you will say, the prohibition of a form of artistic expression is already an influence. But does art not break the boundaries of every influence? What do several years mean, for example, of a 1000-year-old empire, in the face of the cave paintings in Loutrec? Facing the finely chiselled jewelery, the goldsmithing of the majas? Is not it clear how sublime art stands above any conceptuality? And precisely because, as a sublime medium of communication, the expression of the causal, it is the ideal, non-tangible, limitless, free way to reach the original meaning of being human, to live together in peace.

Art is. Without any constraints and actually content-free.



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