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The highest goal, that can be achieved by learning!

The Book: "Can anybody tell me, where the road is?"

Its so easy!

There are many words in the languages that are very special. This is because what they mean. They are simply extraordinaire. These words have no negative energy. Words are interpreted by nature, are malleable, ductile, always have to be seen in context. Not these words! when they are internalized in their original ground. They are basically positive. However they are twisted and turned. But it is of paramount importance, to see them the proper way from the very beginning. This is not difficult.

These words may indeed be the way to a new consciousness, a completely new way of seeing things. If everyone would understand these words in their true, deep, original meaning out of the source, all the world's problems would be solved. If every human beeing would live with these words, live these words, we would have the peace of the Creator of the earth. And it would be so easy.

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